Nestling in between the holiday cottage and ‘The Other Curator’ is Caryn’s studio. This is where she makes her own art but she also shares it from time to time as a place for art and craft workshops. 

All around the shop displayed on the walls amongst all the other beautiful things is a collection of art by local artists from Norfolk and some from further afield. Caryn believes strongly in breaking down barriers of pretentiousness in art and this reflects in her presentation of artworks as well as her workshops. By hanging art in a beautiful space side by side with the textures and colours of wonderful clothing and jewellery as well as statement vintage pieces for the home people get a totally different connection to the art than they would in a gallery.  
Martin Ayres is one of our current 'in house' artists from Norwich. Caryn chose him because of his natural and instinctive style with line and colour. His choice of unconventional viewpoints with the nudes in particular gives the work a sense of abstract shape and line.  
Jeremy Scott-Miller is another Norwich artist who creates incredibly detailed and colourful symbolism. Every painting tells a story with humour, tragedy or self reflection. His characters entwine themselves aroound each other and lure you in to take a closer look and join in their journey through tiny detailed shapes and symbols.  
There is no pressure to buy, just a good feeling when someone takes the trouble to engage with the work and enjoys looking at it. Prices are kept very low compared to a formal gallery so there is always the chance to own a unique piece of art for a very affordable cost. 
"People don’t feel intimidated about asking about the artwork because the space feels incredibly welcoming." 
Workshops are held at various times during the year. The studio is small and intimate so the emphasis is on companionship, fun and experimentation. Some classes explore textile art, sculpture etc. Other classes look at art history through different artists of the past like Matisse or Alexander Calder. Students get a chance to learn a bit about the artists life and methods. They are then are encouraged and guided in workshops where they do their own version of that artists style. 
Workshops will be publicised locally and here when they are available. 
"lots of gorgeous things! Warm welcome on our first visit,  
but certainly wont be the last!" 
Jo Burton 
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