"I march to my own drum, embracing change, difference and expression. It reminds me I’m alive." 

My shop, ‘The Other Curator’ is the sum of those parts of me, from grounded to sky high. A lover of visual alchemy with a touch of laid back bohemia. Walk through the door and you’ll have to smile….it’s compulsory! 
My holiday cottage next door keeps me busy as well as keeping shop at weekends. I also make art and occasionally teach classes in the studio.  
Like painting on canvas ‘The Other Curator’, the studio and Bakehouse holiday cottage ebbs and flows around the spaces and corners. Colours and shapes change as things and people come and go. 
The shop and I are in the heart of a fabulous medieval Norfolk Village called New Buckenham. The big pink thatched house called ‘Bakehouse Cottage’ is a significant change from the houseboat I lived on in London. My late mother and her husband made and sold pots here.  
Now that I've made some tweaks and changes to the years of hard work they both  
put into the building it has evolved and begun to smile again. 
I’m an insatiable hunter gatherer scouring the internet for beautiful things from around the world to bring home for my customers. From car boot sales in France and UK to markets, auctions and charity shops there is endless treasure out there.  
If I find a bargain I make it my business to bring it back to New Buckenham! 
The best part of my job is meeting the people who come to my holiday cottage and the shop . We swap stories and giggle over all kinds of nonsense. It really is a pretty cool life on the whole and anyone is welcome to take a peek and maybe join in the fun. 
‘Loved the items I bought in The Other Curator a couple of weekends ago. So pleased we have this little gem in our village.’ 
Bella Burrell Chirodian