All rules are off at The Other Curator. New and vintage distinctive clothes and jewelery from around  the world hang out together looking cool and feeling fab.   Why put limitations on gorgeousness? 

There are shoes and boots rich with embroidery from the Far East, clothes that say ‘I’m special’ and jewellery that’s fun or fine. Earthy quality leather satchels from India mixed with sexy patent handbags and clever, colourful shoulder bags to fill with your goodies and add the icing on the cake of your look 
Some clothing pieces and shoes are ‘one off' finds that fit if you’re names on it. Some can be ordered in your size if you find something you really want and don’t mind waiting. There are a range of sizes in some items so who knows you may get lucky! 
Whatever you find it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t find it in your average shop. 
Average? What’s that? 
‘Loved the items I bought in The Other Curator a couple of weekends ago. So pleased we have this little gem in our village.’ 
Bella Burrell Chirodian