Apologies as the website is undergoing changes. The shop has now closed and moved to Norwich Market. The website should be running with up tte information by the end of January 2018
quirky bohemian style 
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quirky bohemian style 
quirky bohemian style 

Bursting with colour and quirky bohemian style, The Other Curator oozes creativity, expression and fun. Shopping here is an experience you won’t forget because everywhere you turn something beautiful winks at you enticing you to come and touch, feel, try, play.   No pressure…..just chilled out sounds and a friendly welcome. 


Clothes & Jewellery 

New and vintage ‘no rules’ jewels and apparel lovingly sourced and curated to surprise and indulge the individual spirit. An eclectic mix of timeless fabulousness for bohemians and vintage style lovers at heart. 


A collection of irresistible art cushions including 
the largest selection of Frida Kahlo cushions in Norwich! Some are hand decorated with colourful embellishments that will give your room a statement piece that's totally unique.  

Art & Craft 

Local and National artists and craftspersons work at affordable prices. Inhabiting our small but beautifully formed space with an ‘out and proud’ attitude. Love it or hate it.......so long as you notice! (love would be good !) 
Every item on Caryns' stall is hand picked by herself. She named it 'The other Curator' because you will be presented with a unique and diverse collection of colourful bohemian and vintage style clothes as well as fabulous statement jewellery and as individual pieces for the home. With an eye for colour and texture as well as a bargain you will discover that this stall breaks all the rules about what you might think a market stall will be. 
If you like to put your own look together, hate following the crowd and are always looking for something unique then you'll love what you find here! 
Caryn is an artist with a passion for installation, abstract and mixed media. Sexy zipped up wellington boots sit with metalics and silk. Colourful and joyous art dances across the walls where skirts hang made from fabrics inspired by 
famous paintings. Every item on the stall has been lovingly placed in position like paint on a canvas. 
Maybe it’s the most beautiful stall in Norfolk? 
Norwich market is a thriving historic place to visit where you'll find an incredible array of stalls offering everything from food from around the world to clothes and henna body painting. The other Curator is right at the top of the market...no's 138/9. opposite County Hall. 
The holiday cottage is on the left of Caryns thatched cottage and advertised on a separate website where you can 
see more pictures and details as well as make bookings. Click here to view more.  

Whether you call in to treat yourself, buy a unique and special gift or  take a holiday Caryn will make you feel you’ve come home to a world of loveliness. 

'Already one of my absolute favourite shops. Well worth a visit, everyone!' 
Susan Hilton-Jowett